Cannabis Legislation Questions and Answers

 Dear friends,

Last March, I had the pleasure to host a telephone town hall meeting to discuss local implications of the proposed Cannabis Act. We have received a wide range of questions from the thousands of participants who joined in from every corner of the riding and others sent by email in the few days following the event. We have submitted those questions to all three different departments in charge of drafting the new bill. My office has prepared a roundup of the most common questions and answers that we would like to share with you.


Wayne Stetski, MP

Kootenay -Columbia


Read the complete document of questions and answers, or browse the responses by topic:

Impaired driving

Insurance companies and the impacts of legalization

Border crossing

Small scale producers and independently owned stores

Smoking in Public Spaces

Second-hand Smoke

Marijuana users and landlords

Side Effects on Fetuses

Public Education on the Dangers of Smoking


Legislative Design

Legislation Coming into Force

Personal Cultivation

Cannabis for Medical Purposes

Protecting Youth

Provinces, Territories and Municpalities


Offences and Penalties

International Obligations


Industrial Hemp


You can also read the full text of Bill C-45 or listen to the recording of the Town Hall from March 2017.