IN THE MEDIA: MP Wayne Stetski talks about Trudeau, Trump and another Softwood Lumber War

Published by David F. Rooney, Revelstoke Current

MP Wayne Stetski is off on a 12-day diplomatic mission to Ukraine, Latvia and Poland in Eastern Europe, and Kazakhstan in Central Asia.

He is making the trip just a few days after visiting Revelstoke where, in an interview with The Revelstoke Current, he discussed his impressions of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his Liberal government, president-elect Donald Trump and the potential for anther Softwood Lumber War...

This is Stetski’s first foreign trip as an MP. He was in Revelstoke last Friday for a breakfast meeting with Chamber of Commerce members, as well as engagements with other townspeople, including The Revelstoke Current.

During a 30-minute interview, recorded on video, the former Cranbrook mayor also discussed the Conservatives’ and NDP’s search for new leaders and other issues facing Canadians.

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