Mother Canada, yes. Just not there, says NDP National Parks Critic

Blog published by David Akin in Canoe

Among the more controversial memorial proposals to get off the ground during the Harper government’s time in office was the “Mother Canada” monument intended to honour Canada’s overseas war dead. It’s officially known as the Never Forgotten National Memorial and, today, the NDP Critic for national parks, Wayne Stetski, sent a letter to Environment and Climate Change Minister Catherine McKenna asking her to politely spike this idea.

“I have great respect for the terrible price many of our soldiers have paid,” Stetski writes in his letter to McKenna. “A memorial to honour them is welcome. The question before us is where such a memorial should be located.”

Before he became an MP, Stetski spent years working for the B.C. environment ministry, including as a manager of BC provincial parks and he says the Harper government should have been clear to the proponents of this memorial that this kind of memorial in this particular spot wasn’t going to fly.

“The government’s process for public feedback was limited to only two weeks, and the project has since received criticism from a variety of stakeholders” said Stetski in his letter to McKenna. “A national park is no place for a seven-storey statue, particularly one that lacks broad-based support and poses a threat to the ecological integrity of the park.”

Building this memorial at this spot is likely to cost about $25 million and the funds will come from the foundation that pushing this project. The Harper government gave the group about $100,000 to help it along. The new Trudeau government has the plan under review and McKenna has only said a decision on it will come soon.

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