NDP supports plan to reduce government energy use

OTTAWA – Linda Duncan, MP for Edmonton Strathcona and NDP Environment Critic expressed support for the government’s announcement on reducing federal energy use.


“The Government’s announcement of creating the Centre for Greening Government is a good first step, however we still await details on how the government is defining ‘clean energy sources’, and how they intend to access cleaner energy sources across regions, including for northern communities, national parks and military bases,” said Duncan. 


The announced measures mirror those recommended in a parliamentary committee report that Duncan initiated in 2012. The report, "Powering the Future of Federal Buildings: Energy Efficiency as a Goal" documented substantial potential savings to taxpayers through federal investments in improved energy efficiency in federal facilities.


“Furthermore, the NDP supplementary report recommended additional measures instituted by the U.S. federal government including directives prescribing reduced energy and water use for all federal departments and agencies, as well as the tracking of energy use,” added Duncan.