Canada Revenue Agency performance is clearly unacceptable: MP Stetski

Wayne’s World: Two Years In …

MP Wayne Stetski receives flag from Customs and Immigration Union

MP Stetski speaks in House about Fernie deaths; calls for ammonia phase-out

Statement from MP Wayne Stetski

Former astronaut Julie Payette sworn in as new Governor General

Wayne’s World: Committees cover a lot of issues!

Intervention by MP Stetski results in vulnerable seniors across Canada receiving benefits they deserve



Why are the Liberals going after small businesses and doctors?

September Column

Stetski calls on Liberals to reject plan to sell off Parks Canada assets


Restrictions on words that credit unions can use is “ridiculous!”


Cannabis Legislation Questions and Answers

Rain, Royalty and Reconciliation

July Column


New Democrats are renewing their calls to the Liberals to secure a deal on softwood lumber with a second round of duties coming from the U.S.

Affordability hurting Nelson small businesses

MP Peter Julian Tables Fair Trade Bill

Standing on Guard

The Softwood Lumber Dispute could have been avoided

Stetski continues to fight for Golden rafters

UNESCO report on Wood Buffalo Park an urgent call for action

IN THE MEDIA: Small Business owners meet with Wayne Stetski to discuss local issues

By Nikki Fredrikson, The Columbia Valley Pioneer

Standing on Guard for Thee

Lessons from Eastern Europe and Central Asio

Stetski calling on Liberal government to protect forestry jobs

WAYNE'S COLUMN: Pop-Up Constituency Offices Coming Soon!

IN THE MEDIA: MP Stetski continues Eastern European tour

Published by Greg Nesteroff, My Nelson Now

Canada Summer Jobs employer application deadline extended two weeks

IN THE MEDIA: MP Stetski in Latvia; representing Kootenay-Columbia in delegation to Europe

Published by 102.9 The Drive

NDP Statement on the Women's March

Liberals must make Canadian jobs clear priority in relationship with Trump administration

Health Minister jeopardizing public healthcare

IN THE MEDIA: MP Wayne Stetski talks about Trudeau, Trump and another Softwood Lumber War

Published by David F. Rooney, Revelstoke Current

Federal government launches consultation on Canada's national parks

IN THE MEDIA: Stetski selected to represent Canada on diplomatic mission to Eastern Europe and Central Asia

IN THE MEDIA: MP Wayne Stetski to talk marijuana legislation with Kootenay-Columbia residents

Published by 102.9 The Drive

Cullen asks new Electoral Reform Minister to co-draft bill

NDP calls on Minister Foote to defer paycheque until Phoenix is fixed

IN THE MEDIA: Kootenay--Columbia MP says Canada Summer Jobs 2017 program great for employers

Published in the Nelson Daily

IN THE MEDIA: BC NDP MPs warn Justin Trudeau about pipeline decision

Op-Ed published in the Vancouver Sun

Federal government must do more to combat opioid crisis

NDP MP Ashton concludes National Precarious Work Consultation with groundbreaking call to action

IN THE MEDIA: Stetski 'shocked' by Trudeau's new take on electoral reform

By Eric Elliott, Columbia Valley Pioneer

NDP secures changes to strengthen spy watchdog bill

IN THE MEDIA: Stetski brings fight to keep Jumbo wild to Parliament

Published in the Nelson Daily

Liberals refuse to take immediate action to reduce poverty

PBO confirms long road ahead for First Nations education

NDP Statement on the National Day of Remembrance and Action on Violence Against Women

Stetski brings fight to Keep Jumbo Wild to Parliament

WAYNE'S COLUMN: Democratic Reform - A betrayal?

Historic report lays out path to a fair voting system

New Democrats stand with Standing Rock

Trudeau misled BC on Kinder Morgan

NDP bill aims to improve public safety by creating grade crossings

Liberals reject attempt to fix CPP bill

IN THE MEDIA: Stetski on year one as MP

By Marie Milner, Kootenay Business

NDP proposes fixing flawed Liberal bill on CPP

NDP statement on the opioid crisis

It's time for a complete ban on asbestos

NDP and CLC join in campaign to ban asbestos

Liberal CPP mistake will penalize women and people living with disabilities

IN THE MEDIA: Huge crowd flocks to Remembrance Day Ceremony in Nelson

Published in the Nelson Daily

IN THE MEDIA: MP calls for leadership on housing issues

Published in, East Kootenay News

Liberals must fully compensate dairy famers for CETA losses

Veterans deserve better

Liberals not respecting own process on electoral reform

Government must consider project impacts on Indigenous women

NDP supports plan to reduce government energy use

It's time to end veteran discrimination

IN THE MEDIA: MP announces national scholarship opportunity

Published by E-Know, East Kootenay News

NDP statement on the adoption of the motion to end discrimination against First Nations children

Liberal privatization scheme will leave Canadians paying more

Liberals must end discrimination against First Nations children immediately

IN THE MEDIA: Banff records highest number of violations among Canada's national parks

By Colette Derworiz, Calgary Herald

IN THE MEDIA: One Year Later

Published by, East Kootenay News

IN THE MEDIA: Transport Canada limits horsepower on Columbia River

By Steve Hubrecht, Columbia Valley Pioneer

End discrimination against First Nations children

Liberals must act on precarious work for millennials

NDP calls for federal action and compensation for Bella Bella

NDP secures protection for Columbia River wetlands

Liberals defeat gender equity bill

Year End Report Card

IN THE MEDIA: Wayne Stetski hosts small business forum in Fernie

By Andrea Horton, Fernie Free Press

NDP calls on Trudeau to put off Harper health cuts for one year

IN THE MEDIA: Kootenay--Columbia MP to host Small Business Forum in Fernie Wednesday

Published by the Drive FM

Canadians demand a fair and local voting system

NDP will continue to fight against inequality and food waste

NDP tables bill to regulate advertising to children

WAYNE'S COLUMN: Adopt and Implement - Because it is 2016

Published in the Revelstoke Mountaineer

NDP introduces National Cycling Strategy

NDP calls on government to recognize the right to housing

New Democrats announce National Seniors Strategy

Applications open for Parliamentary Page program

Liberals abandon workers across the country

NDP proposes oversight on arms sales

NDP tables bill to strengthen rail safety

NDP introduces repeal of Bill C-51

IN THE MEDIA: Federal environment committee holds meetings in Banff and Jasper

By Colette Derworiz, Calgary Herald

Canadian jobs threatened with no new softwood lumber deal in sight

NDP Caucus outline top priorities for fall session

IN THE MEDIA: Stetski planning bill to protect more of Canada's lakes and rivers

Published by B-104 Country

IN THE MEDIA: Radium hot pools will not be privatized

By Steve Hubrecht, Columbia Valley Pioneer

IN THE MEDIA: Adopt and implement UN Declaration, say Stetski and Saganash

Published in the Fernie Free Press

First Nations students returning to school with more broken promises

WAYNE'S COLUMN: Keep our democracy healthy

Diafiltered milk proteins: Liberals still missing in action

IN THE MEDIA: Golden MP hosted meeting to discuss changes to electoral system

By Jessica Schwitek, Golden Star

Liberal government must end use of unpaid interns in the civil service

IN THE MEDIA: Stetski searching for answers on democratic reform

Published in the Invermere Echo (Print and online)

IN THE MEDIA: MP Stetski looking to create "National Local Food Day"

Published by B-104 Country

IN THE MEDIA: $600,000 for Kootenay-Columbia youth jobs

Published on

IN THE MEDIA: Stetski's whistle-stop coffee shop tour lands in Nelson

Published by the Nelson Daily

Minister should stop hiding behind staff on Phoenix pay system failures

Stetski seeking input on how to make every vote count

IN THE MEDIA: Windermere business gets solar boost

By Steve Hubrecht, Published in the Columbia Valley Pioneer

IN THE MEDIA: MP Stetski hits the Kootenay-Columbia summer circuit

Published in the Revelstoke Mountaineer

Inquiry into missing and murdered Indigenous women must be broad and include police

IN THE MEDIA: Federal NDP criticize proposed trail

By Paul Clarke, Jasper Fitzhugh

Trudeau moving ahead with Harper's massive health care cuts

NDP Statement on Canada's Parks Day

IN THE MEDIA: Federal NDP criticizes proposal for $66-million trail in Jasper National Park

By Clare Clancy, Edmonton Journal

NDP Parks Critic demands answers on Jasper multi-use trail proposal

Hike w/ Your MP | Team Stetski Riding Tour | Sneak Peak of #NelsKnickers

Pictures from Kootenay-Columbia

NDP Letter to Prime Minister Trudeau: Fix public service pay system now

IN THE MEDIA: NDP says Prime Minister Trudeau must deal with PS pay debacle

By Kathryn May, Published in the Ottawa Citizen

Stetski set to host inaugural "Hike with your MP" event at Mt. Revelstoke Park

NDP statement on the court challenge to C-14

Wayne's Column: The Story of Bill C-14 -- Medical Assistance in Dying

Top 10 ways the NDP put Canadians first

NDP Statement on National Aboriginal Day

Wayne's Column: Law Making

NDP calls for mandatory labelling of genetically modified foods

IN THE MEDIA: NDP pressures Trudeau government to decriminalize marijuana -- now

By Bruce Fuhr, Nelson Daily

NDP: Decriminalize marijuana now

NDP calls for pay equity legislation by end of 2016

Wayne in Question Period: Better protection needed for Saskatchewan's grasslands

Rafting companies losing business without access to river

By Michele Jarvie, Calgary Herald

NDP secures collaborative process on electoral reform

Kootenay--Columbia MP happy with more democratic process

By Jayne Garry, published by EZ Rock

IN THE MEDIA: Stetski tables bill to establish Local Food Day

Published in the Nelson Star

Wayne in Question Period: Government must listen to UNESCO on buffer zone for Gros Morne

NDP wins Liberal support on democratic reform

NDP moves to begin historic reform of Canada's outdated, unfair electoral system

IN THE MEDIA: Stetski tables bill to establish national local food day

Published in the Revelstoke Mountaineer

Stetski tables bill to establish National Local Food Day

MP Stetski: Serving a huge riding has its challenges

Published in the Revelstoke Mountaineer

Citizens urge government climate action at Nelson town hall meeting

By Bill Metcalfe, Nelson Star

NDP encourages small business to "invoice" Liberal government over broken promise

NDP alarmed as Liberals approve GM salmon

Wayne in Question Period: Liberals must improve accessibility in national parks

NDP wants to make it easier for family businesses to be passed on to future generations

Stetski to host Climate Action Town Hall in Nelson

Wayne in Question Period: Liberals must provide details on proposed Jasper bike trail

NDP budget amendments aim to kill $2.2 billion tax on small business

Liberals must recognize right to housing

NDP Motion: Liberals refuse to protect our dairy producers

Auditor General Report: Mismanagement putting lives at risk

Day of Mourning: Liberals must restore the right to refuse unsafe work

Medical dispensaries eager to be part of conversation regarding Canada's marijuana legislation, says local owner

By Brendan Quinn, Nelson Daily

Human Rights Tribunal puts Liberals under Third Party Management

Liberals must keep promises to Protect local Dairy Farmers says Stetski

Media Release

Deal hammered out in Golden rafting-railway dispute

By Michele Jarvie, Calgary Herald

Deal will allow rafting in Kicking Horse River Lower Canyon this season

By Aaron Orlando, Revelstoke Mountaineer

Lower Canyon saved

By Joel Tansey, Golden Star

NDP Statement on Earth Day

Budget 2016: Liberals must fix Indigenous mental health funding shortfall

NDP tables bill to ensure Indigenous rights

NDP Motion: We must protect our dairy producers

Statement in support of Golden rafting industry

Stetski makes good on Columbia River election promise

The Nelson Daily

Public input sought on horsepower limit for Columbia

By Steve Hubrecht, Columbia Valley Pioneer

Full speed ahead

Published by Nicole Trigg, Columbia Valley Pioneer

Column by MP Wayne Stetski

Published in the Revelstoke Mountaineer

NDP invites Canadians to share their views on the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP)

Deadline for written submissions is April 30, 2016

Liberal government ignoring warnings, leaving farmers behind on trade

Kicking Horse River access controversy: Stakeholders say CP response "cannot be no"

By Aaron Orland, Revelstoke Mountaineer

Liberal budget fails Indigenous youth and ignores Tribunal ruling

Indigenous youth forced to go to court to fight for basic care

MP Wayne Stetski speaks on federal budget

By Leah Scheitel, Fernie Free Press

What the federal budget 2016 means for Revelstoke

Published by Emily Kemp, Revelstoke Mountaineer

MP Stetski reacts to Liberal budget

Published by Trevor Crawley, Cranbrook Daily Townsman

NDP MP Wayne Stetski critical of back-end loading in 2016 Liberal budget

Published by B-104 Total Country

"Is your life better off than it was prior to this budget?": MP Wayne Stetski

Published by Bruce Fuhr, the Nelson Daily

Budget a missed opportunity to reduce inequality

Government must tackle inequality

Budget 2016 to be released next Tuseday

Food safety is non-negotiable: NDP

NDP launches campaign to tackle precarious work in millennial generation

Liberals must not break their promise to First Nations youth: NDP

NDP calls on Liberals to engage Canadians and pick up the pace on electoral reform

National Student Commonwealth Forum

Oppurtunity for High School Students

Payment protection program needed for producers, says NDP

NDP Statement on International Women's Day

Liberals refuse to fix broken Employment Insurance System

MP Wayne Stetski cuts ribbon on Nelson constituency office

Published in the Nelson Daily

Liberals must consult First Nations before issuing Site C permits

NDP Motion: Fix broken EI system

Wayne's Statement in the House

Recognizing groups bringing Syrian refugees to Canada

MP reflects on first few months in office

Published by Joel Tansey, Golden Star

Wayne's Column: This is not the Muppets

NDP calls on Liberals to stop exploitation of unpaid interns

Stetski pleased with Parks Canada's "Mother Canada" statue decision

Published by B-104 Total Country News

A Snapshot of the Kootenays' MPs

Published by Virginia Rasch, Kootenay Business

Immediate action needed on human trafficking and exploitation of women and girls

Access to palliative care should be a right, say New Democrats

NDP Statement on expansion of Canada's military role in Iraq

Decision by Parks Canada to pull support for controversial Mother Canada monument both criticized and praised

Published by David Pugliese, Ottawa Citizen

Wayne's Statement on the rejection of the Mother Canada proposal

Parks Canada cancels involvement in Mother Canada memorial

By Gloria Galloway, Globe & Mail

Restore funding to national parks, says MP Stetski

NDP: Make democratic reform process truly democratic

NDP tables real protections for public science

TPP signing sells out Canadian jobs

Adoption of NDP Pay Equity motion: A step in the right direction to reduce inequalities

NDP: Time for pay equity is now

Mother Canada, yes. Just not there, says NDP National Parks Critic

Blog published by David Akin in Canoe

'Mother Canada' statue doesn't belong in a National Park

Parks Canada taking early camping reservations for Atlantic Canada

Systemic discrimination must end in Canada

REMINDER: Canada Summer Jobs deadline approaching

Canada Summer Jobs applications are due by February 26, 2016

PBO: Liberal tax policy fails to fight inequality

Tom Mulcair's speech to the NDP team: Fighting for what matters

Better is possible on the TPP: NDP

Activists campaign for electoral reform

Published in the Cranbrook Daily Townsman

Kootenay--Columbia MP Wayne Stetski presented petition for electoral reform

Published by B-104 FM, Total Country

Liberals need to fix family reunification immediately

Stetski receives petition on electoral reform

Published by Bill Metcalfe, Nelson Star

Break through the paper ceiling

Early start for Parks Canada 2016 camping reservations

January Update: Life in the 42nd Parliament of Canada

NDP MP Wayne Stetski tours riding

Published by Leah Scheitel, Fernie Free Press

Stetski reflects on 2015 year

Published by Trevor Crawley, Cranbrook Daily Townsman

Holiday Message from MP Wayne Stetski

NDP recognizes the important work of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission

NDP Statement on the COP21 Agreement

Stetski reacts to Throne Speech, MMIW inquiry

Published by Trevor Crawley, Cranbrook Daily Townsman

NDP calls for action as child care costs reach crisis levels

Government must work to end violence against women

NDP reaction to Liberal Throne Speech

COLUMN: One month after the federal election

by MP Wayne Stetski, published in the Nelson Star

Stetski named as National Parks critic in NDP shadow cabinet

Published by Joel Tansey in the Golden Star

Stetski named to shadow cabinet

Published by Trevor Crawley, Cranbrook Daily Townsman

Kootenay--Columbia MP Wayne Stetski gets National Parks Critic Portfolio

Published in the Revelstoke Mountaineer