Parliamentary History being made!


I want to share something historic with you that is unfolding in the House of Commons this week. My colleague, Sheila Malcolmson of Nanaimo-Ladysmith, is the first MP to ever request a secret ballot vote by the House as a whole. She is appealing a committee decision to block a vote on her private member’s bill, C-352.

Sheila introduced a great bill calling on the government to create a national strategy to clean up abandoned vessels along our coast lines. It was meant to be debated earlier this month in the House. Before this could happen, the government introduced its own bill on the same topic. 

An all-party committee, with a Liberal MP majority, determined that the government’s new bill rendered Sheila’s redundant. The committee declared C-352 ‘non-votable’.

Sheila is now appealing the committee’s decision in order to defend her parliamentary right to try to pass C-352. The entire House will vote by secret ballot as to whether C-352 should be restored to votable status. 

Though Kootenay-Columbia is a land locked riding, I am proud to support Sheila’s appeal and C-352. The bill would ensure taxpayers are off the hook by fixing vessel registration and creating a fee to help cover the cost of vessel disposal. Coastal communities have been left waiting too long for solutions to clean up abandoned vessels and prevent them from becoming serious environmental and navigational hazards.

Please consider supporting Sheila’s campaign and appeal by using the hashtag #DontAbandonOurCoast. We need to tell Trudeau that we care about democratic process in the House!

For more information on the historic vote check out this article by Kady O’Malley: here