Restore funding to national parks, says MP Stetski

OTTAWA – Kootenay--Columbia MP Wayne Stetski rose in the House of Commons today to deliver his first question in Question Period, asking the Liberals to restore  funding to Parks Canada. 

“The Conservatives slashed Parks Canada’s budget and the Liberals have promised free admission to our national parks in 2017,” said Stetski. “New Democrats support giving all Canadians the opportunity to enjoy our natural heritage, but we’re worried about the serious funding crisis for our parks.”  

Stetski, the former Kootenay Regional Manager responsible for parks, hammered away at Environment Minister McKenna for further details on the budget of Parks Canada. 

"User fees are a major source of revenue for Parks Canada," added Stetski. "The question is will the Minister restore Parks Canada's budget and offset this revenue shortfall?"