Veterans deserve better

LONDON — NDP Veterans Affairs Critic, Irene Mathyssen (London-Fanshawe), is calling on the Liberal government to better recognize and value the contributions of Canada’s veterans.  


“As we take time to reflect this week on the veterans that have lost their lives, we also need to look at how we recognize that service and how we treat veterans after they leave service,” said Mathyssen. “The transition for veterans and their families leaving the military is difficult, confusing, and for those being medically released, very devastating. The government needs to take immediate steps to fix this transition process.”


Last week, Mathyssen introduced two motions, one that would recognize the men and women serving our country as volunteers and the second would undo unfair restrictions on intellectual property rights for veterans. Mathyssen is also pushing the government to agree there is a social covenant with veterans since they backtracked on their promise to stop fighting veterans in court.


"Currently, there are great ideas proposed by the Canadian Forces Ombudsman that would immediately ease the transition from military to civil life for many veterans and their families," added Mathyssen. "The Prime Minister also must tell his government to stop fighting veterans in court. This is unacceptable. They were promised better. They deserve better."